About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves and our company, Pampered Mountain Getaways.

We are Kim and Colin Campbell, residents of Ellijay and the owners of a brand-new venture in the world of hospitality and convenience. We have embarked on an exciting journey to make vacations and getaways even more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Pampered Mountain Getaways offers a grocery delivery and set-up service as well as personalized charcuterie boards. Your cabin guests can enjoy groceries brought to their cabin and stored away, just awaiting their arrival or delivered right to their door.  They can choose a charcuterie board to make their first night easy and relaxing or choose a to-go board for their visits to our local wineries and lakes.  I have a background in customer service and marketing management, understanding the importance of personalization and attention to detail. I am looking to create memorable stays for the local cabin rental visitors. Aiming to ensure that every guest feels right at home from the moment they step foot into one of their cozy rental cabins. My husband Colin, on the other hand, brings his entrepreneurial spirit and love for logistics to the table. With a knack for organization and a passion for streamlining processes, he saw an opportunity to revolutionize the vacation rental industry by offering a unique grocery delivery service. No more worrying about finding the nearest supermarket or spending precious vacation time on grocery runs – Colin's expertise ensures that guests can focus on relaxing and enjoying their time away. Together, we are looking to create a seamless and convenient experience for your guests. Our rental cabin grocery delivery service aims to provide a hassle-free solution, where your guests can pre-select their desired groceries before arrival or simply order from a comprehensive range of options during their stay. Pampered Mountain’s attention to quality ensures that only the freshest produce and finest ingredients make it into each delivery, allowing guests to savor delicious meals without the hassle of shopping and preparation. Colin and I are excited to welcome guests to your rental cabins and offer a unique blend of comfort, convenience, and personalized service. Whether it's a romantic retreat, a family vacation, or a getaway with friends, our rental cabin grocery delivery service is poised to elevate the experience and make every stay a memorable one. Paired with the beauty of the North Georgia Mountains, your beautiful cabin and our dedication to efficiency, guests can expect a truly stress-free escape where relaxation and enjoyment take center stage. So, if your guests are planning their next vacation and dreaming of a getaway where they can truly unwind, we would be honored if Pampered Mountain Getaways would be able to take care of all their grocery needs. If you feel this is a service you would like to offer your guests please reach out.  We are Ellijay residents and would love to partner with you and help your guest experience a dream vacation, be amazed by the beauty of the  mountains and relax