How it all works

Hello there.  So we love that you are interested in using our service.  See below the simple steps to get you all set-up and ready for your vacation

  • Choose the services you want.
  • Select any baskets
  • We will email you to discuss the options for each  basket you have chosen
  • You will receive an emailed grocery list for you to fill out
  • Correspondence will be made with all final details and confirmations.
  • Location and dates of delivery will be confirmed. 
  • All grocery items and services will be paid for upon delivery
  • We will send proof of delivery and a copy of your receipt
  • Payments can be made on Venmo or Zelle

Then you sit back, relax, and enjoy our beautiful mountains!

Mission Statement

"At Pampered Mountain Getaways, our mission is to elevate your mountain retreat experience to unparalleled heights. We provide premier cabin rental grocery delivery services, ensuring that your vacation is truly a time of relaxation and rejuvenation. Complementing this,  specialty gift baskets add a touch of indulgence, bringing together the finest local flavors and artisanal delights. With a commitment to exceptional quality and personalized service, we aim to create memorable moments, fostering connections, and crafting unforgettable mountain memories for you and your loved ones."